Char Dham Yatra FAQs or Frequently asked questions for upcoming Char Dham Yatra 2023. The Char Dham’s in Uttarakhand are four temples in different locations which are most sacred places in India. Every year many pilgrims visit Char Dham’s to take blessing of Hindu God & Goddess.

The Char Dham’s are located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state and the Char Dham yatra starts in April-May month and closed during Nov month because of heavy snow fall during winter. The Char Dham’s are Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri Dham.

If you are planning a trip to Char Dham Yatra 2023 and not sure about how to start the trip, you can simply send us your query and we will give you the best Char Dham yatra tour package according to your needs.

so, here’s the list of Char Dham Yatra FAQs for your upcoming trip to Char Dham 2023.


Char Dham Yatra FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Correct Order of Visiting Char Dham?

Char Dham Yatra correct order or you should visit Char Dham in Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath order.

What is Char Dham Yatra?

Char Dham Yatra is one of the most sacred yatra for four temples Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri Dham. Which are located in Uttarakhand. As per the legends in Hindu religion one should visit Char Dham Yatra in lifetime to get Moksha.

When Char Dham Yatra Starts?

Char Dham Yatra starts in summer season means from April-May months and closed during Oct-Nov Months in winter season.

How many days are required for Char Dham yatra?

Char Dham Yatra minimum require 9 days to complete from Haridwar to Haridwar via road transportation. Or you can complete in 4 Days with helicopter from Dehradun.

What’s Char Dham yatra Opening and closing date in 2023?

Char Dham Yatra Opening Dates 2023 are 22nd April 2023 and closing date is near Diwali festinal of 2023.

How is weather of Char Dham?

Char Dham weather is good means not so cold and not so hot. Check full details – Char Dham weather details

Which Dham I should visit first?

If you are planning Char Dham Yatra, then you can start from Yamunotri Dham.

What Should I wear on Char Dham Yatra?

Clothing for Char Dham yatra is warm cloths and full cloths, Pants, Sweaters, Coat, Dhoti, Lower and good trekking shoes for Kedarnath Dham and Yamunotri Dham. But attire should be good because you are visiting temples.

Are there any toilets in Kedarnath Trek?

Yes, there are toilets available in various place during Kedarnath Dham trek.

How to do Char Dham Yatra?

You can start your Char Dham yatra from Haridwar or Rishikesh, its takes around 9-10 Days to complete the Yatra. So, you must have prepared accordingly. For every Char Dham temple there are 2 Nights in the route.

How to plan Char Dham yatra trip?

You can plan Char Dham yatra in May-June month because it’s the best time to visit Char Dham’s. Char Dham yatra takes 9-10 days from Haridwar, so if you are coming from Mumbai/Kolkata/Pune or any other cities you must have keep some days extra to complete the Char Dham. For Char Dham Yatra Booking you can send us your query, and we will make a perfect Char Dham yatra trip for you.

Can we do Char Dham yatra via helicopter?

Yes, Char Dham Yatra Helicopter Package is available with us, It starts from Dehradun Helipad and the tour takes total 5 Days to complete.

How long is Kedarnath and Yamunotri Dham Trek?

Kedarnath Dham trek is around 20 Kms from Gaurikund and Yamunotri Dham trek is about 6 Kms from Jankichatti.

What are the other facilities available if you don’t want to trek Kedarnath and Yamunotri Dham?

Yeah, there are Pony, Palki, Doli available in Yamunotri and Kedarnath Dham. As well Helicopter ride is also available in Kedarnath Dham.

How is the road condition for Char Dham routes?

Road’s condition is good and it’s still in construction in some places. The Char Dham Pariyojana is started for best Char Dham roads, so don’t need to worry about roads.

Is Char Dham Yatra Difficult?

Yes, Char Dham’s are located in Hills of Uttarakhand at the elevation of more than 13-14K feet above from sea level. Also, in Kedarnath and Yamunotri Dham there is trek of 20 and 6 Kms respectively.

Which Dham is difficult in Char Dham yatra?

We cannot say which is difficult, but for Kedarnath Dham its about 20 Kms trekking route but also there is facility of Helicopter ride, Pony, Palki, Doli etc.

What happens if you do Char Dham Yatra?

It is said that if you complete the Char Dham yatra, you will get Moksha.

What is the cost of Char Dham Yatra?

Char Dham yatra cost is applicable according to your tour packages. If you do it via Bus, then the normal cost is 8000/- only transportation but if you want complete package then it starts from 20500/- per person (Minimum 14 Pax) and goes upto lacs of rupees.

Is it safe to travel Char Dham Yatra as a solo female traveler?

Yes, it is safe to travel Char Dham for a solo female traveler, you can plan according like for Accommodations, meals and other. You can also take a bus or join any fixed departure group.

Is it allowed to take 1-7 years old Child for Char Dham yatra?

Yes, you can take child for Char Dham Yatra but make sure that the Char Dham’s are located in high elevation, so you must carry warm cloths and medicine as required.

Is Medical certificate required for Char Dham yatra?

There are no guidelines about medical certificate for Char Dham Yatra, but you must know that Char Dham’s are located at high elevation, so keep some necessary medicine with you if applicable.

Which Dham is oldest in Char Dham?

Badrinath Dham is oldest Dham in Char Dham’s of Uttarakhand.

Is there any Registration required for Char Dham Yatra?

yes, for Char Dham Yatra you must register yourself in Char Dham yatra registration portal. Please refer Char Dham yatra registration E pass details for more details.

How to do Char Dham Yatra registration?

Char Dham yatra registration is available online through web portal and also through offline in Uttarakhand tourism counter.

How many days enough for Kedarnath Dham yatra?

3 Days are required for one to complete any Single Dham Yatra. So, minimum 3 days are required to complete Kedarnath Dham Yatra.

Is Phone allowed in Kedarnath Temple?

Yes, you can take your phone in or around Kedarnath temple but inside temple photography is not allowed.

Can we go Char Dham yatra by our own car?

Yes, but you must have driving experiences in Hills Road.

Where to Book Helicopter ticket for Kedarnath Yatra?

Kedarnath Helicopter Tickets are available online via the official website of heliservices in Uttarakhand. You can book Kedarnath Heli ticket from there.

Is there any Char Dham yatra tour package by train?

No, means there are no trains to Char Dham locations, you can only reach Haridwar, Rishikesh via trains then you have to take a taxicab from there. But the railway line for various locations in Uttarakhand is under process and after 2024 you will be able to reach near the Dham’s via train.

Who is the Best Travel agent for Char Dham yatra?

Gokeys Haridwar is one of the best Travel Agency for Char Dham yatra tour packages from Haridwar. You can also book Char Dham Yatra trip from Delhi with us.

Who is the best Taxi Service provider in Haridwar for Char Dham Yatra?

We Gokeys Haridwar provides best taxi services for haridwar and whole Uttarakhand. we have our own fleet of various cabs and you can book a taxi from us for Char Dham Yatra.

How to send enquiry for Char Dham yatra to Gokeys Haridwar?

You can simply send us enquiry by given travel quotes box on right side or you can send mail us at, or call us at +91-9045916770, +91-7830718680.

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