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Munsiyari is referred as the place of snow, so you can now make a picture of this place in your mind. It’s an amazing place located in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand state at the height of 2200 meters above the sea level. It is situated in the bank of Goriganga River and now became one of the famous tourist places in Uttarakhand and a great Hill station to spend your summer holidays in.

Now Munsiyari becomes the hub of various adventures and tourist activities like Trekking to various higher altitude treks of India, mountaineering, nature lovers, and photography. It is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand during to enjoy and explore the nature’s paradise.

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You can see the breathtaking views of Panchulli peaks, Nanda Devi Peak and Nandakot peaks from here and it is also compared with Kashmir because of its natural beauty.  You can also enjoy a thrilling experience of Snow leopard here.  It is worth to visit this place and you will not disappoint here because you will be going to explore some of the best hill stations in Uttarakhand.

Weather of Munsiyari

Munsiyari Himalayan Hill Station is a great place to explore the nature beauty and you can visit this place throughout the year, so here are the details of weather of Munsiyari during all the seasons and you can plan a trip accordingly to the below given weather details.

Summer season: – The temperature during summer season goes from 20 to 27 Degrees. So it is pleasant time to visit Munsiyari and you can easily plan a trip to here without thinking much.

Monsoon season: – Monsoon occurs from July to August month and also in September, so during monsoon its heavy rainfall here and many activities suspended due to land sliding and cloud burst some time. So it is better to avoid a trip to Munsiyari during monsoon season.

Winter season: – winter season is good and best for snow lovers, you can wake up at morning and you will see the snow fall is going on outside that will make you feeling great. But also it is very cold days and night in Munsiyari during winter season and the temperature goes below -3 degree and higher temperature is around 15 degree during sunny days. So we suggest you to bring woolen warm clothes.

Best Time to Visit Munsiyari:-

You can visit the Munsiyari throughout the year because of its great weather and scenic beauty. If want to see snowfall then visit during winter season and you will love to play to snowfall around here. Else the best time to visit Munsiyari is April to June and September to October months. During these months the weather is pleasant here and you can enjoy your holidays in the Himalayan Hill Station.

How to Reach:-

By Air: – The nearest airport is Pantnagar airport which is located at a distance of 279 Km from Munsiyari. There are some flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to reach Pantnagar.

By Train: – The nearest railway station is Kathgodam which is located at a distance of 260 Km. It is connected with multi city railway stations like Delhi and Dehradun, Haridwar.

By Road: – Munsiyari is well connected with roads transport and you can drive here from Delhi which is located at a distance of 650 Km. Distance of Nainital to Munsiyari is approx. 290 Km.  You can find a bus from Haldwani or Kathgodam to reach here.

Trekking in Munsiyari

  • Milam Glacier Trek: – it is one of the biggest and toughest treks in India. It is a 53 Km trek from Munsiyari to Milam. You will reach to Himalayan ranges of peaks while trekking here. The trekking route is Munsiyari-Lilam-Bagudiar-Rilkote-Milam-Milam Glacier.
  • Ralam Glacier Trek: – This trek is about 15 Km from Munsiyari and you can cover the trek in 5-6 Days. The Ralam Glacier is divided into two parts Lower and Upper Ralam. The trekking route is Munsiyari-Lilam-Pata Gaon-Saba Udiar-Ralam.
  • Namik Glacier Trek: – It is a 40 Km trekking route from Munsiyari. You need more than 10 Days to complete this trek. The route is Munsiyari to Jimighat is 10 Km, then Jimighat to Jimian is 8 Km and then Jimian to Namik Glacier is 25 Km.

So there are many treks starts from Munsiyari like Panchulli Peaks, Nanda Devi Peaks and more. You can experience the trekking here and be in the nature.

Where to Stay in Munsiyari?

Well, there are some good accommodation options in Munsiyari; you can book Hotels, Resorts and Lodge in Munsiyari. As well as camping is one of the best option here, but during winter its freezing cold here so you have to bring warm clothes with you and you can stay in good accommodation to keep yourself warm.

There is also KMVN accommodation in Munsiyari and you can book it online from KMVN official website.

Places of Interest in Munsiyari:-

There are many good places of interest you can visit here during your holidays. Some of the places are Khaliya Top, a high altitude slopes in the hills located 7 Km from the market and good Skiing and adventure sports.  Another is Betuli Dhar, it is 5 Km from the city and you can visit here for many good attractions of Himalayas. A hot water spring in Madkot, makes a perfect place to visit in Munsiyari, it is located at a distance of 22 Km. Birthi Pass and Kalamuni Pass, known for water falls, amazing views and nature photography.

So this is the details of Munsiyari Travel Guide and how you can plan your trip to here. You can check the guide and plan your holidays accordingly. If you want us to make a customize package for you, please let us know and we will make a perfect Munsiyari trip for you.

If you want to suggest us some more information about Munsiyari then let us know in comments sections. We will love to hear from you.

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