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Mahasu Devta temple is popular temple of Uttarakhand located in the Hanol Village, Chakrata on the banks of Tons River, which is famous for and dedicated to local deity Mahasu brothers Botha, Vasik, Pavasik and Chalda. The temple is located at the distance of 167 Kms from Dehradun via Ponta Sahib – Hatkoti Road.


It is one of the most worshipped temples in the whole Jaunsar Bavar region of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and Lord Mahasu is known as God of justice in the whole region, every year many devotees visit the temple and take blessing of Mahasu Devta.

Unveiling the Majestic Mahasu Devta Temple: A Fusion of Faith and Architecture

If you are willing to explore an ancient temple with ancient architecture, then it is a perfect temple where you can start a trip to also darshan and worship at temple and take blessing of Mahasu Devta.

The Mahasu Devta temple is surrounded by lush green forests and Himalayan mountains which make also a great view for nature lovers, tourists and nature photographers.

The Religious Legends about the Temple:

The Village name Hanol is named after a brahmin Huna Bhatt, who worshipped lord Shiva and Devi Shakti to get rid of a demon named Mandarath or somewhere it is known as Kirmir. The demon used to trouble the whole villages nearby, mercilessly eat them and everyone was terrified and worried about the terror of this demon.

So, after worshipping Lord Shiva and Maa Devi Shakti, Lord Shiva ordered to a villager and devotees to send her all four sons to battle with the demon.


A fierce battle was fought between the four Mahasu Brothers and the demon and after days they emerge victory over the demon and killed him. Then all villagers were happy and they started worshipping all four brothers which are Botha, Vasik, Pavasik and Chalda.

In another story after few years of the battle villagers found four Shivalinga’s and named them after the four brothers, then started worshipping them.

Since then, Lord Shiva in the form of Mahasu Devta is worshipped in the temple, and inside the temple there are two stones, which is believe that only person with pious hearted will be able to lift the stone without any efforts but any other person cannot.

On the premises of the Mahasu Devta Temple you can see goats are roaming freely, because it is believed that Mahasu Devta fulfil the wishes of everyone and for that one has to bring goats to the temple to set them free there.

Mahasa Devta Temple Architecture details

The temple is surrounded by hills of greenery and made up of Stone of wood, in the ancient architecture style of Huna architect, you can see the amazing wood carving and excellent work done over the temple walls. It was built in 9th century by Huna.

Now the temple was taken care by Archaeological Survey of India.

So, you can explore here this ancient temple of Mahasu Devta with amazing architecture style and praise the ancient time.

Fairs and Festival at the Mahasu Devta Temple

There are several fairs and festival held at Mahasu Devta temple which are very famous and peoples from various places reach here for the fairs and festival, check out below given details of these fairs and festivals at Mahasu Devta temple.

Shant Festival:

Shaant festival is one of the unique and cultured festival dedicated to Mahasu Devta which is a three day and night long festival takes place in August month every year, in this festival there are three main ceremonies, which are continued from the 100 of years and still going.

The ceremonies called “Khura Shau” which means hundred legs of animals scarified, “Munda Shau” which means hundred head of the animal sacrificed and “Singhaan Shau” which means one head of lion.

But as of now the sacrifices of large number of animals is stopped and previous there was women entry was also prohibited in the temple, which is now no longer prohibited.

Mahasu Devta Fair:

This fair held every year in August month. It is most important religious fair of local Jaunsari tribe celebrated with full of joy by the tribe and other people also join them to worship Mahasa Devta. The deity Chalda Mahasu idol which is kept inside the temple is taken out during the fair and large crowd walk on the both side and pray and worship the idol.

Also, musicians and folk dancers from Dehradun and local villages comes to participate in this fair and people meet togethers and celebrate this fair.

Jagara Festival:

The Jagara is celebrated in the Bhadon month of Hindu calender in the eve of Naga Chauth. The ritual and ceremony happen during this festival and it is said that Lord Mahasu arrives in the village to save them from the demons. During the ceremony procession of Jagara, devotees are prohibited to being near the temple sanctum to avoid curse of the Lord Mahasu.


Best time to Visit the temple:

The best time to visit the Mahasu Devta temple is from March to June month and then Sept to Nov month, but if you want to be a part of above given ceremonies then you can visit according to the given details above and take a part in the fairs and festivals in the temple.

The temple is located in the hilly region, so avoid visiting during monsoon because of heavy rain fall and landslide.

How to reach Mahasu Devta Temple:

The Nearest Railway Station and Airport is Dehradun from where one can take bus or local taxi to reach there.

If you are visiting from Chakrata then its about 95 Kms and Chakrata is about 90 Kms from Dehradun which takes around 3 Hrs to reach, so totally by cab it takes around 6 Hours to reach Mahasu Devta Temple.

The village Hanol is well connected with road transportation so, it is good to drive there or take local taxi from us.

The Dehradun Airport Jollygrant is located 205 Kms and the Dehradun Railway Station is located around 181 Kms from Hanol Village.

You can easily reach Airport and Railway Station which is connected with various cities of India and then we will arrange a cab for you to reach the temple.

Nearby Places to Visit of Mahasu Devta Temple:

Chakrata: Chakrata which is about 93 Kms from Hanol Village is one of the popular tourist attraction and hill station in Uttarakhand, the Tiger Falls in Chakrata is one of the highest direct water falls in India.

Check out our Chakrata Travel and Trip Guide.

Lakhamandal: Lakhamandal is famous the many of Lord Shiva Shivlings and ancient writings and also known from the Mahabharata Lakhsha Garh. If you are visiting Mahasu Devta temple, then you can add Lakhamandal in your tour itinerary as well. It is located around 80 Kms from Hanol village.

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Kalsi: Kalsi is famous for ancient stone inscription of King Ashoka, once it was part of the Ashoka Kingdom. It is located around 130 Kms from Hanol, and if you want to know about the Inscription then you can visit the Kalsi while your trip.

Mussoorie: Mussoorie is a popular hill station you have must heard about because it is known as QUEEN OF HILLS and it is one of the popular tourist hill stations in India, known for its beauty, Mall Road, Kempty Falls, George Everest Spot and many more things. It is located around 148 Kms from Mahasu Devta Temple.

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Dehradun: Dehradun is a capital city of Uttarakhand and also known for various sightseeing like Shahstradhara, Buddha Temple, FRI, Robbers Cave, Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple and Deer Park with Zoo. You can also enjoy shopping in Dehradun and purchase some local ethnic clothes from there.

So, this is the information about Mahasu Devta Temple and how you can plan a trip to this temple. If you are planning a trip to temple of Hanol then you can send us your query and we will happy to make you a perfect religious trip with nature view trip.

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