Top 10 Places to Visit in Gangotri


Top 10 Places to Visit in Gangotri Dham. Gangotri is one of the most visited sacred places in India. This Himalayan spot is accepted to be where Ganga, the Ganges River goddess, contacted earth just because. It is hence one of the dham to be secured during the Char Dham Yatra, a Hindu journey. Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamnotri are the four destinations of this journey.

As per the legends, Goddess Ganga, the daughter of paradise, showed herself as a stream, to exonerate the transgressions of King Bhagirath’s ancestors, following his serious retribution of a few centuries. Lord Shiva got her into his tangled locks to limit the tremendous effect of her fall. She came to be called Bhagirathi at her incredible source.


Gangotri is also known for Amazing Himalayan hills and mountains views. If you are preparing for the Gangotri trip, you should know some of the best places to visit in Gangotri and you will find the places worthy to visit.

Things to do in Gangotri | Gangotri Dham Trip

So check out below the top 10 places to visit in Gangotri Dham.

Gangotri Temple

The Gangotri temple is a noteworthy structure worked with marble that takes off 20 feet high, and is touted to be more than 300 years of age. This excellent sanctuary is devoted to Goddess Ganga, and was raised in the eighteenth century by Amar Singh Thapa – a Gurkha Commander. The Maharaja of Jaipur reconstructed this temple in the twentieth century, and over 2.5 lakh travelers visit this temple every year. At the point when in Gangotri, make certain to visit the temple and be a piece of the noteworthy Aarti pursued by the Ganga Aarti performed to thank the holy river goddess.

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One can reach Tapovan from the purpose of Gaumukh icy mass by trekking the pathway. This grand glade with amazing perspectives on high Himalayan pinnacles and mountain range is for sure soul lifting. Held up at a height of 4460 meters from ocean level this captivating knoll presents one with perspectives on heavenly Shivling and comes studded with blossoms of each sort. The trek course to Tapovan anyway is a troublesome one and the assistance of an accomplished guide could make the movement simpler.

Bhagirathi Shila

Situated among the grand and pleasant surroundings of the brilliant Gangotri Bhagirathi Shila is a sacred shake where King Bhagirathi is accepted to have reflected. This stone means the definite spot where Goddess Ganga had laid her initial step down on the natural domain. It is additionally accepted that the Ganga water or Ganga Jal from here never gets old or turns sour. The whole area is very amazing and an incredible sight.

Jalmagna Shivlinga

The Jalmagna Shivling or submerged Shivling is a characteristic shake development submerged in the waters. In the winter season, when the degrees of water subside, this submerged Shivling turns out to be obviously noticeable to the eyes. The Jalmagna Shivling is worshipped strongly by enthusiasts. The reason is that it has solid legendary association with the entry of Devi Ganga onto the earth. Legends hold that privilege at this spot, Lord Shiva got the compellingly streaming Ganga on his locks as she touched base just because on earth.

Gauri and Surya Kund

Gauri and Surya Kund are the principal attractions that at long last have nothing to do with the Gangotri temple, and are arranged an iron extension separated. There are beautiful cascades rising up out of rocks, and this is a decent trekking site as you gotta trek up soak slopes to reach and view them, situated as they are at mind blowingly high heights. Another piece of uplifting news is that you get the chance to soak yourself in its cool quiet waters after the tumultuous adventure as far as possible ready. This is a journey sanctuary as well.

Vishwanath Temple

Vishwanath temple of Uttarkashi is a good ways off of 300 meters from the fundamental Uttarkashi transport stop and houses a heavenly Shivling which accompanies a circuit of 90 centimeters and a stature of 60 centimeters. The sanctuary includes a gleaming metal trident anticipating from it and bearing engravings telling about the historical backdrop of how it appeared. Inside the sanctuary patio, stands the Shakti sanctuary, directly at the front of the Vishwanath temple and this Shakti temple is devoted to Goddess Shakti, acclaimed as the Goddess of ability and quality.

Pandav Gufa

Situated at a trekking route of 1.5 km from Gangotri Dham this Gufa is the careful spot where the Pandavas from Mahabharat had rested for some time towards their approach to Kailash Parvat. Arranged in transit Chinchali town this Gufa has 5 distinct rooms or Khandas where the greatest one is said to be of Bheem. This is additionally probably the best area to invest some good time with your friends and family.

Bhairon Ghati Gangotri

Bhairon Ghati is a pleasant area directly at the conjunction of River Bhagirathi and Jadh (Jad) Ganga. One needs to navigate a separation of 10 kms to reach Bhairon Ghati. Bhairon Ghati is where the renowned Bhaironath temple remains in the midst of a thick woodland spread. To get to the sanctuary you have to make a voyage by street to Bhairon Ghati from Lanka and after that cross the stream Jahnavi, a shallow enough waterway which can be crossed effectively by swimming through the waters. This is one of the best Places to visit in Gangotri and also comes in Gangotri Sightseeing.

Gangotri National Park

While visiting to Gangotri dham, without a visit to the national park it’s not worth. It is one of the best places to visit around Gangotri, also called Govind National park, this region of rich green is said to the spot from where Laxman kept a vigil over Lanka. The virgin excellence of this national asylum pulls in a few hundred botanists and nature lovers every year. Home to various therapeutic plants that are utilized to make life sparing medications, this national park was established in the year 1955. It ranges more than 958 sq kms and is said to be a home to white panthers and numerous other intriguing natural life, verdure, and fauna.

Gaumukh Glacier

Gaumukh is one of the numerous places to visit in Gangotri that is a respected Hindu journey site and a well known trekking goal. It takes 3 days from Gangotri to Gaumukh that is roosted at a stature of 13,200 feet and is said to be the second biggest icy mass of the Indian subcontinent. The Gaumukh nose that takes after the face of cow is the wellspring of Bhagirathi River. The perspectives from Gaumukh will leave you awestruck and transport you to a captivated universe of ice, icy masses, and lofty perspectives.

Gangotri is best place to spend your holidays in Himalayan ranges while viewing the beautiful Himalayan Mountains ranges and the green villages of the Uttarakhand. That are the some of the places to visit in Gangotri but once you reach there you will find more places to visit around Gangotri and also more places know.

So start your trip to Gangotri Dham and just let us know about your details, we will make an amazing trip according to your budget and requirement. Visit Gokeys Haridwar for any Uttarakhand Trip and Tour Packages.

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