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Gaumukh Trekking is one of the famous trekking destinations in India also a sacred place nearby Gangotri Dham. Gaumukh is known as the origin of holy river Ganga. It is about 19 Km trekking distance from the Gangotri Dham. You can plan a trip to Gaumukh Trek if you are adventure and nature lover and want to see a glacier and how the river parts from the snow glacier.

Gaumukh Trek is a 5-6 Days trek from Gangotri Dham and it is a moderate level trekking.  The trek starts from Gangotri Dham. You can pay tribute at the temple of Maa Ganga and start journey to Gaumukh from there.

There is steps near Gangotri temple and you can start you trek to Gaumukh from there. Here in this article I will share the Gaumukh Trip details, Trekking route and where to stay while this trek as well how to reach Gangotri and other details with you.

You should know the details if you are planning your trekking trip to Gaumukh because it’s not an easy trek and you need to take permission while entering to Gangotri National Park zone.


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Gaumukh Trekking Itinerary Details

Here’s an itinerary for your trip to Gaumukh and details of day wise to complete the trip.

Day 1:- Haridwar-Uttarakashi

One Day 1 you can take a cab from Haridwar or Rishikesh and leave for Uttarkashi town. It is town as well district in the Uttarakhand state with many attractions and places to visit. Haridwar to Uttarkashi is approx. 250 Km can be covered by roads transports which take around 7-8 Hours. You can make your first stop at Uttarkashi and visit the Kashi Viswanath temple here.

Day 2:- Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham

After Breakfast at morning leave for Gangotri Dham in route you can visit the amazing hill station Harsil which offers various Snowcapped mountain views and garden of apple. You can stay there for a while and proceed to Gangotri Dham the temple of Goddess Ganga. Pray at Gangotri Dham and spend some time there.  You can also stay for overnight there.

Day 3:- Gangotri-Chirbasa-Bhojbasa

Now your trekking to Gaumukh started from here. This is a 14 Km trek one side to Reach Bhojbasa. Show your permit at Gangotri National Park and start your journey towards the Gaumukh. You will trek with surrounding of green grass and forest. After 9 Km you will reach to Chirbasa, you can enjoy the beautiful nature here and also stay here for a night in camp if you are tired. Else you can start trek towards the Bhojbasa which is around 5 Km from here.

The Chirbasa is located at the height of 3580 Meters above from sea level and Bhojbasa is located at the elevation of 3800 meters.

Day 4:- Bhojbasa- Gaumukh Glacier

Gaumukh is located at the distance of 5 Km from Bhojbasa which takes around 2-3 Hours to reach. You can trek to Gaumukh from Bhojbasa and then amaze with great views of glacier here and you can do some good photography of nature here. Visit the origin of river Ganga and enjoy the nature here. After Visit Gaumukh return to Bhojbasa or you can start your trek towards to Tapovan from Gaumukh itself.

Day 5:- Tapovan-Nandanvan

You need to cross Bhagirathi River to reach Tapovan and then crossing to Gaumukh Glacier to reach Nandanvan from Tapovan its around 7 Km trekking route to reach Nandanvan from Tapovan. You can camp here and stay for overnight.

Day 6:- Nandanvan-Gaumukh-Bhojbasa

Now it’s time to return back to the Bhojbasa after trekking to the hill of Himalayas. You can trek down around 12 Km to reach Bhojbasa. It’s a moderate level trekking so keep rest during your trip to get energy yourself. After reaching Bhojbasa camp here for overnight.

Day 7:- Bhojbasa –Gangotri

Trek back of 14 Km to Gangotri Dham. After reaching there you can stay in a Lodge or Hotel nearby the temple and also take Darshan at Temple again.

Day 8:- Gangotri-Rishikesh

On the last day of your trip you can reach back to Rishikesh and conclude your trip.

How to Get Gaumukh Trekking Permission directly from Gangotri

To getting permission of Gaumukh Trek you need to visit the DFO office at Uttarkashi or directly visit the Gangotri National park office near Gangotri Dham. You can show you documents here and get the permission to Gaumukh trekking from there.

You need to get permission one day before to start trek to Gaumukh because same day permission is not allowed.  So make your plan accordingly.

Best Time to Visit Gaumukh

First of all avoid the monsoon season because of slippery route and heavy rain falls in the Hills of Uttarakhand. You can do the Gaumukh Trekking during May to June and Sept to Oct. The Trek start after the Gangotri Temple opens to devotees and tourist.  During winter the trek is closed due to heavy snow falls.

Where to Stay near Gaumukh?

Stay is not allowed in the Gaumukh because of the freezing temperature and environmental reason. You can stay at the Bhojbasa and there is a GMVN (Garhwal Mondal Vikash Nigam) accommodation is available. So you can stay there but you need to do advance booking because of high rush during the trekking season.

Where to eat in Gaumukh Trip?

Well, there are no restaurants or Dhabas near Gaumukh, so you need to bring you own food while visiting the Gaumukh. In Bhojbasa you will get food at the GMVN Lodge. So we suggest you to keep some dry fruits and quick food with you.

Some Tips for Gaumukh Trip

  1. Keep Warm clothes with you because you will be in the very cold zone. As well you can take sleeping bags and camping items with you.
  2. Solo travelling is not advisable, so make a group for this trekking.
  3. If you want to know about places and peaks nearby the Gaumukh you should take experience guide with you
  4. Keep Dry fruits and quick made meals with you.
  5. Keep packaged water with you
  6. Avoid trekking during rainy season because of land sliding and cloud burst in the hills

So these are the details of Gaumukh Trekking trip and Tapovan Trek from Gaumukh. Feel free to comment here about your queries regarding this trip.

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