Mana Village: The First Indian Village on the Border


Mana Village, once known as India’s Last Village due to its proximity to the Indo-Tibetan border, has now been designated as the “First Indian Village” by the Border Roads Organization (BRO) and Prime Minister Modi Ji also came here and told that it’s not the last but first village of India. So, if you are visiting the Badrinath Ji Temple and want to explore some nearby places then the Mana Village is perfect for your trip.


Mana Village Details, How to Reach, Where to Visit, What to See

Here’s what you need to know about this charming village:

Location and Significance:

Mana Village is situated in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India.

It’s near the Indo-Tibetan border and holds historical and cultural importance.

The village is located about 3 km from the holy shrine of Badrinath.

Proximity to Badrinath:

Mana Village is close to the Badrinath temple, making it a destination for pilgrims visiting the revered shrine.

The village is around 3,200 meters (10,500 feet) above sea level.

Surroundings and Views:

Nestled amidst snow-capped mountains, Mana Village offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

It’s surrounded by a beautiful valley, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment.


Rich History and Myths:

Mana Village is believed to be one of India’s oldest inhabited villages.

According to legend, it’s the birthplace of the Pandavas, characters from the epic Mahabharata.

The village has a cave called Vyas Gufa, where Maharishi Vyas is said to have composed the Mahabharata.

Cultural Fusion:

Due to its proximity to the Indo-Tibetan border, Mana Village reflects a blend of Indian and Tibetan cultures.

The village’s architecture, cuisine, and traditions showcase this unique fusion.


Local Delights:

Don’t miss out on experiencing Mana’s local cuisine, including kidney beans and potatoes that are famous in the region.

Trekking Adventures:

For adventure enthusiasts, Mana Village offers various trekking options.

Trek to Vasundhara Falls, Satopanth Lake, Swargarohini Peak, and more, and marvel at the beauty of glaciers and landscapes along the way.

Sacred Sites:

Explore Vyas Gufa, where the great sage Vyasa is believed to have composed the Mahabharata.

Discover Ganesh Gufa, a nearby cave where Lord Ganesha is said to have transcribed the epic.

The Saraswati River Connection:

Visit the banks of the mystical Saraswati River, named after the goddess of wisdom.

According to legend, the river’s gurgling flow distracted Vyasa while composing the Mahabharata, leading him to curse the river to become hidden.

Best Time to Visit:

The ideal time to visit Mana Village is from May to early November, as heavy snowfall makes the region inaccessible from November to April. And also, the village and Badrinath Ji remains closed in winter season.

Accommodation and Travel in Mana Village:


There are many hotels, lodge and Ashrams are available in Badrinath Dham where you can stay during you trip to Mana Village and also stay in Joshimath where many accommodations options are available.

For reaching Mana Village the roads are well connected and you can easily take a cab from us in Haridwar to reach there.

The Nearest Airport is Jolly grant and the Nearest railway station in Yog Nagar Station Rishikesh. The Trains for Karanprayag route are still on the construction and once done you can visit the Mana Village via taking train to Karanprayag and then taking cab to reach there.

Preserving the Heritage: Mana Village, now recognized as the First Indian Village, stands as a testament to the fusion of history, mythology, and cultural diversity. It’s a place where travelers can experience both natural beauty and the richness of India’s spiritual heritage. Whether you’re seeking adventure, cultural insights, or spiritual reflection, Mana Village has much to offer.

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